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This patch fixes some XP inconsistencies, a potential crash, some unique monsters issues, and several more minor issues.

1.008 change list:

* fixed some xp inconsistencies (Fulano/Contrabassist/Destro/poobunsdudley0)
* fixed a potential crash in Area::getGateName
* fixed some unique monsters not getting rarity bonuses (firecat666/tommyahugo/Zanakar)
* rebalanced monster rarity bonuses a little
* now a sponsored colony ship will lower their minimum threshold for a colony (Fulano)
* enemies that can't move or be hurt can no longer be part of fleets
* can no longer attack Zombie race without being at war (tommyahugo/Ortman/Fulano)
* fixed probes not marking planets as scanned correctly (Fulano)
* increased last 3 hulls structure to 250/250/275 from 225/225/225 (firecat666)
* fixed accept only in person quests not showing up in race general quest list
* fixed highlight text on deliver package button on delivery quests
* decreased MaxTurnSpeed from 500.0 to 450.0
* no longer get experience for a kill that player caused but aren't allowed to do directly (trigger a trap that kills friendly) (Fulano)
* now don't get charged for ceasefire if it doesn't go through for some reason (4D)
* fixed enhancement/rarity bonuses not showing up until a save/resume (Fulano/LIMUNADE)
* now ui icons show up in highlight text more often
* now get rid of bad resurrected races better
* fixed a typo in ScavengerQuestForFriend2 (ScrObot)
* fixed RaceNameHiveSubraceOverlordColor missing translation (ScrObot)
* fixed RaceNameDryadSubraceTalonColor missing translation
* moved isNemesis from Quest to QuestBase
* added an easier way to rebuild an item (dev thing)
* fixed master server logging basic current info to wrong html file
* changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 126
* changed saveVersion to 260