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This patch improves targeting some, makes fighter regen shields faster, adds a few Patreon things, and fixes several more minor issues.

1.007 change list:

* now targeting prioritizes monsters some
* fixed light fighters not getting summoned status effect
* fixed fighters still attacking things unprovoked when using defensive stance (Fulano5321)
* increased fighter shields regen and made it scale to higher levels (Pongola)
* added Worlby's Cradle & Worbly's Blorble unique escape pods (Patreon)
* added The Collector dimensional area/vendor (Patreon)
* now in a diplomatic win only get small reward chests for subjects (instead of medium)
* can now spawn specific unique items
* should no longer auto target anomalies (Automaton)
* primitive races can no longer start colonize quests (Fulano5321)
* fixed trying to load some Din's Legacy cfg files
* fixed wrong game showing up at bottom of character exports
* fixed menu games changing race unlock points
* changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 125
* updated copyright date
* changed a ton of internal variables from 2d to 3d positions (not really related to Drox but potentially interesting)
* removed some old _isnan assert stuff
* simplified per game #defines a little