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This patch fixes some hotkey issues, makes enemies using missiles more dangerous, makes chips stronger, fixes a bunch of UI issues, and fixes several more minor issues.

1.005 change list:

* fixed manual aim beam weapons missing Flame monsters and possibly others (Whatever100500)
* fixed a couple problems with the first hotkey slot changing automatically to something else (Automaton/Damnation, Ltd.)
* fixed hotkey of a doomsday device changing when sorting (Morte)
* linked weapons will no longer fire if left clicking on a usable object (Morte)
* now enemies using missiles have a higher chance to hit
* chips magic modifier is now closer to the item level (will in general be higher level) (Darkness)
* now bombers get added to your dps value correctly (firecat666)
* fixed plasma cannon wave weapons not having power load (will only effect new items) (firecat666)
* Drox Guild will no longer decide to help races that won't sign treaties (firecat666)
* non-primitive races will no longer be able to become subjects of primitive races (Xeltek)
* increased Monsoon habitability for Vegetation trait from 0.5 to 0.6 (firecat666)
* since much easier now, decreased xp reward for protect planet quests
* fixed selection point of the attack cursor to correctly be in the center of the icon (contrabassist)
* now extra money applied to research is applied over time instead of instantly (DrIstvaan)
* made range prints more consistent with themselves and speed (most of them will get larger) (Lainthrill)
* moved message/chat highlight text position (firecat666)
* can no longer add 0 credits to a trade (firecat666)
* no longer show skill hints for skills that have reuse timers less than 1 second (firecat666)
* no longer show damage on stars (firecat666)
* thruster boosters now highlight defense like engines and thrusters (firecat666)
* added a new word to curse/slur filter (Cory)
* reworded power load in race specific slot text a little to hopefully make it clear that is is better in a race slot (Tyrax Lightning)