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This patch fixes monsters having too much defense, now allows races to break tributary/vassal treaties, balances weapons better, increases crew & chip drops at higher levels, adds 2 new ambient music tracks, and fixes several more minor issues.

1.003 change list:

* fixed monsters getting more defense than they were supposed to (should be much easier to hit with beam and missile weapons now)
* fixed races not being able to break a tributary or vassal
* decreased beam (and similar attacks) power loss over distance (can shoot 33% farther for same damage)
* increased plasma, dual plasma, and plasma cannon energy use by 20%
* increased max missile speed from 350.0 to 400.0
* increased missile damage by 10%
* increased monster plasma cannon shot time by 25% (they shoot less often, same dps though)
* increased monster plasma cannon shot spread by 20%
* increased RecentAmbushLocationDistance from 300.0 to 900.0 (less ambushes in the same general location) (Lora Grim)
* increased MonsterStartDistance in ambushes from 300.0 to 450.0 to keep off the player a bit more
* increased chances of crew drops at higher levels (Darkness)
* increased chances of chip drops at higher levels (Ragabash)
* added 2 new ambient background music loops
* fixed Amphibian music not playing correctly (Tori)
* now if highlight treaties key on relations screen will tell you what all the treaties mean (Fulano5321)
* fixed ultimate weapon race description missing in character screen (Smogg)
* made it easier to highlight race logo in character screens
* fixed fringe, hive, and cortex rebel portrait icons not displaying in correct place in character screens (Smogg)
* added war and ceasefire to treaties help text
* added trade pact and free info pact to treaties help text
* item rarity is now color coded correctly in loot filter
* changed nanomite cloud status effect names some to show that one is the aura and one is the effect (lalala)