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This patch allows races to equip way more types of weapons, makes subject races not count for diplomatic wins, adds more defensive ram icons, and fixes several more minor issues.

0.842 change list:

* races can now equip plasma weapons
* races can now equip alternative weapons types (swarm, burst, wave, etc)
* now subject races are correctly ignored when testing for diplomatic win (DaviddesJ)
* halved sponsor diplomat ship cost
* increased RelationChangeDiplomatShip from 8.0 to 12.0
* now can get ambushes if destroying inanimate objects
* now only show planet data for sale if might have new data for player (Eris Shrugged)
* now will get ! over planet if you have correct item but don't have the quest
* fixed beacons icon/text not working correctly (scourge69)
* races are now more picky about what planets they colonize when they haven't discovered many yet
* fixed primitives gaining multiple ages at once
* anomaly radiation is now much more dangerous (10% of structure, armor plating, and shields, instead of just structure)
* now when dropping a stackable item on a vendor slot it tells you how many are going to get transferred (1 normally, entire stack of ctrl down)
* races should now declare war on primitives less often
* increased minimium level for moving traps from 10 to 15
* added a print when receiving planet data from a race
* added 4 defensive ram icons
* increased screen shake from nearby explosions
* fixed enemy data for a race not getting cleared correctly of race slot reused (Excellion)
* fixed penetrate skip shields print
* now resources are colored dark gold instead of grey
* changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 103