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high rated
This patch adds buying planet data from races, adds option to sponsor diplomat & colony ships, makes radar tracking of allies better, fixes beacons for all races, and fixes several more minor issues.

0.841 change list:

* you can now trade for all of a race's planet data (just buying new data)
* can now sponsor diplomat ships from one race to another (basically you pay for it)
* can now sponsor colony ships for races (basically you pay for it)
* now beacons work for all races
* now good friends (mutual protection pact and up) show up on radar much farther out
* now good friends (mutual protection pact and up) show up system map
* now when get planet data from spies it will show up correctly on the map
* now player quests will update their seed and other info if the main quest seed has changed for some reason
* can now solve quests from race diplomacy for accept in person quests
* increased consumable thrust boost time from 30.0 to 60.0
* fixed not being able to select a race on rumor menu from planets list
* added 6 defensive ram icons
* added plasma weapons to race tech page
* halved nexus spawn chances
* increased RelationChangeDiplomatShip from 5.0 to 8.0
* fixed a problem where could highlight a race name that no longer displays on system/sector map
* fixed junk and storage pod health
* should no longer get duplicate scout planet quests (from same race)
* delivery goals now stay consistent when ships gets distracted by something
* delivery goals now stay consistent across save/load
* added colonize sound for race ships
* added delivery sound (for race ships and player needed item quests)
* will no longer spawn nexus' during respawn
* added commas to worth number on planets screen
* changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 102