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This patch makes planting spies cheaper, makes radar find planets and gates quicker, decreases the death cost so it's harder to get an economic loss, and improves a lot of other more minor issues, mostly balance or UI related.

0.840 change list:

* halved cost of planting spies
* doubled initial radar range for planets and gates
* now additional radar is worth 3x for finding planets and gates
* no longer have a max radar range for planets and gates
* increased GroundTrapDelayMult from 0.2 to 0.4 (traps in space will take longer to trigger)
* jump gate price is now the lowest race price instead of the average
* clone cost now 20% cheaper (takes more deaths to get to an economic loss)
* can now click on race names in system/sector maps to talk to that race
* can now highlight race name on system/sector maps to get race info
* now components on the "ground" will display in a larger font if a type of component that you are currently using
* tech drops should no longer be below the level of the spawner
* greatly increased chances of a destroyed asteroid dropping resources that are useful to races
* increased nexus HealthMult from 3.0 to 5.0
* halved nexus spawn chances
* increased HappyEgoChanceMult from 3.0 to 5.0 (happy crew level up faster)
* decreased MadEgoChanceMult from 1.0 to 0.25 (unhappy crew level up slower)
* increased chip spawn chance from 2.5 to 3.5
* fixed some data not getting reset on client when abandoning a sector
* marked new weapons as not being used for tech
* fast charge shields, swarm missiles, and light missiles can no longer be tech
* doubled ancient recharge station buff time
* made Nexus buffs more powerful
* added helm as an OR requirement for escape pods
* decreased space junk health from 5-10 to 2-4 per level
* updated diplomatic win highlight text to mention new medium reward chest reward
* now get modifier icon when highlighting on system/sector map
* now make sure player has met at least one of the races in question when message is sent about a rejected peace treaty offer
* added effect to Talon Nexus buff
* added effect to Legion Nexus buff
* added effect to Overlord Nexus buff
* added a tip that happy crew level up faster
* added 6 more trait spots on relation diplomacy screen since temporary resources can add a lot
* fixed Swarm Projectiles saying 0.3% chance when it should be 25% (just a display issue)
* fixed highlight issue on player status effect icons when ui_scale is not 1.0
* clone cost now has commas when necessary
* formated economic win highlight text better
* added info on how the Drox guild gets paid in economic loss highlight text
* rate info in race description will now use commas if needed
* fixed BlessingBarrage translation not working
* changed coloring of not meeting part of an OR requirement from red to yellow