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This patch gives priority to win conditions over lose conditions, makes diplomatic win reward much better, adds offensive ram icons, and fixes several other more minor issues.

0.839 change list:

* added 12 offensive ram icons
* can now win sector while in lose condition (Verdusk/Darkness)
* now reward for a diplomatic win is a Medium Reward Chest per race remaining (instead of small) (Kurama Kitsune/Darke)
* Drox quests now mention explicitly that they are optional (Daniel.Drache)
* increased distance things spawn away from the player (increased SpawnSteps from 3 to 4) (Annex)
* now get legend points for hurting/destroying Exterminator, Devourer, Holy Crusader, and Assimilator races
* now Treasure Hunter skill increases chances of finding an extra modifier when identifying components
* made a few thruster sounds loop better
* fixed a couple issues with diplomatic win progress text (ZviHantsis)
* a destroyed race ship should no longer be able to drop technology that race doesn't have (Eris Shrugged)
* now get some screen shake from nearby explosions
* fixed destroying talon ships/planets to match overlord/legion stuff
* added a little text to music volume to mention some music is controlled by the background volume also (Agitated Ice)
* fixed a reference to npcsMale/npcsFemale name seed files