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This patch makes races with Exterminator, Holy Crusader, Devourer, or Assimilator traits much more dangerous, adds several more skill/service icons, and fixes a few more minor issues.

0.836 change list:

* races with Exterminator trait now have increased damage, minerals produced, and credits produced
* races with HolyCrusader trait now have increased damage, shields, population growth, and negative rumors
* races with Devourer trait now have increased damage, food produced, and components found
* races with Assimilator trait now have increased damage and reverse engineering chance
* added 7 new skill icons
* added a new service icon
* now status effect from ancient recharge stations gets applied to your fighters also (Cory Edwards)
* now resurrected races shouldn't die immediately ever (Smogg)
* Impact Analysis component now helps plasma, dual plasma, and swarm missile components (Dreepa)
* fixed clicking on some anomalies not making your ship fly to them (Pimgd/Dreepa)
* fixed failing quests in multiplayer when a player has a can't die with quest but another player dies (Dreepa)
* fixed non-right mouse button clicks on map from leaving waypoints (Dreepa)