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The "Brunt Order Bomb" quests. How the hell do they work?

Ordering a "bomb" just gives you a quest to deliver "zombies" or "chemical weapons" from the Brunt planet you are at to another enemy planet. They tell you to deliver the relevant "crates" or "goods" (see attached screenshot)..... but there ARE NO "crates", "goods" or whatever. There is none in your inventory, there is none at the planet.

Ok, so I try going to the target planet anyway..... it has a "quest solved (the green exclamation mark icon)" showing..... (again see attached screenshot) but NOTHING in the quest menu allows me to "solve" this quest, or even states it is "solved" in any way.

But the planet is also an ENEMY, so I CANNOT TRADE with it to even deliver the "crates" or "goods" even if they existed in the first place.

How the hell are these quests meant to be done?

PS/ Can anyone else also tell me why, in the half-hour I spent struggling with this mystery, my credits dwindled from 20000 down to just 5000? I had not bought anything expensive, and it wasn't the costs of these "bomb orders" neither, as they just cost around 100 - 200 each.

PPS/ I also notice this forum is almost DEAD..... so I hope I get an answer within a six months!
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This is an "event" quest or I don't know how to call them exactly. These quest involve faction-interaction much like the Drox quest (however unlike those this one is only optional). When you click on the planet it will shows up a little dialog about advancing the quest, and then its done. I may also turn the planet into a brand new Zombie faction.

Since the quest requires to deliver the item, it doesn't require friendly or not hostile relation with the target faction. If you still can't complete the quest then apply some minute ceasefire with them. But this quest generates negative relation with the target faction it should no matter.

If you've seen colonization quest, this one works similar to that.