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I'm having a problem where the large view of inventory items are drawn at the wrong y-offset so they are drawn partly off the screen.
When I initially play the game the inventory behaves correctly. If I select an item (so the icon of dropsy's hand holding the item is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen) then de-select it by right-clicking, opening the inventory again or moving to another location, the inventory breaks. The large inventory icons that are displayed at the bottom of the screen when you mouse-over the small inventory icons are drawn partially off the screen. The only way that I've found to fix the problem is to exit the program and open it again.

Not a huge problem, but it would be good to have a fix if there is one!

CPU: i3M350
Graphics: intel HD
4GB Ram.
Resolution: 1366 x 768

I'm using version 1.4 and I'm playing fullscreen, but I've also been able to reproduce the problem in windowed mode.

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