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Dear "Dropsy" players,

I've played "Dropsy" for 1-2 hours now and solved some of the puzzles (or should I say "huggles"?), but I've yet to figure out how to cheer up that little girl on the playground.

Yeah, I get that she's sad about that stunted rose, but what's there to do? I used the dog on the soil and collected the rose. Then I used it on something/someone (sorry, don't remember), and got a new one from one of the buildings' flowerbeds. Now, the girl won't accept the new rose. I take it I have to water the soil at the playground or something along the lines? Thought the dog could just pee on it, but nope.

Yeah, I'm noob like that, sorry... ;-)

Thank you.

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This question / problem has been solved by mdustbowlimage
Hint: use your dog, and remember there's a day/night cycle
mdustbowl: Hint: use your dog, and remember there's a day/night cycle
Thank you! That did the trick. I hadn't really paid close attention to the day/night cycle until now.

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