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In DROD: The Second Sky full screen mode doesn't work properly:
when setting "Use Full Screen" from settings everything is distorted, everything is stretched to fit the 16:9 monitor, and I can't even properly take a screenshot.
Here's a screenshot: (image1), but it doesn't actually look like this, the game portion of the screen is stretched to fit the whole thing.

Even using a window "maximized" doesn't work, while on the Steam version everything is centered and scaled nicely (image2), the GOG version, well, isn't (image3)

One thing I noticed is that the GOG version changes the resolution of my monitor, which I'd really like it didn't. For reference, the Steam version works flawlessly, even in full screen.

P.S. I can't post links?

EDIT: attached compressed screenshots
1.jpg (380 Kb)
2.jpg (374 Kb)
3.jpg (365 Kb)
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If you haven't already, try submitting a support ticket to GOG using the "support" link at the top of the page. They may be able to help.