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I'm playing the first game and I'm on the second mission. There's a queen which spawns more roaches constantly, but most of the screen is in a big area that I can't get inside of, because arrows point out from it, so I think the only way to attack to queen is to lure her our, but if I move far enough to the side to hit the button to let her out, she moves THE OTHER WAY, thus making it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to kill her!!!!! Why would a game be made like that?

Also, there's a path earlier which leads downward, but now that I'm behind that door, it closed behind me, so how can I get back?

And for that matter, why can't I find ANY tutorials that could tell me how to get through tough spots, so that I don't have to spend the next 17 years trying to figure it out in vain?! Could someone please give me a link?!
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Look for help and hints on

From what you wrote I gather you should try a tutorial first. Or you could try an easier hold, e.g. Smitemastery 101 (it's free)

And no, I can't give you a link, because gog won't let me.
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Thanks. I figured out that particular puzzle.