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DROD RPG - Tendry's Tale

Changelog for update / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 18 February 2016):

- The Windows & Mac versions have been updated to version and the Linux version of the game has been updated to version
- Now keys correctly fall into pits and water.
- Fixed: monsters should fall when a trapdoor is dropped out from underneath them.
- "Wait while entity " should not trigger on the player in a non-human role.
- Now flying NPCs can't move onto locked doors.
- Now multiple score checkpoints can be triggered on the same turn.
- Tunnel fix: now player cannot exit a tunnel onto briar.
- Brain fix: now only visible character brains will double monster ATK.
- Script var fix: now can't set number of player keys below zero.
- Script build command fix: item removal wasn't working with some items, or the f-layer. - Fixed room region cropping idiosyncracies.
- "Wait for event " is now triggered by the player bumping into black and red doors.
- "Return to Prior Location": Fixed to work properly with stairs. Now two consecutive uses will ping-pong back and forth.
- Fixed: equipment swap should occur when entering room (on turn 0).
- Room editor fix: should be allowed to place items (e.g., scrolls, power ups) on platforms; also, multiple 'Neathers at once
- Room editor: now can't place keys and equipment onto pits or water.
- CaravelNet: updated score point feedback to be a percentage instead of a rank.
- Fixed regression introduced in 1.2.2: Command key doesn't do anything.
- Ported bridge connectivity logic fixes from DROD 5.
- Ported multiple performance, stability and cast shadow fixes from DROD 5.
- Ported variable monitor fixes and improvements from DROD 5.
- Fixed game hang in IsTileAt when testing coordinates outside of the room area.
- Fixed script updating of character coordinates now working properly.
- Fixed global scripts not checking for events occurring later in the turn processing, like in-room scripts do.
- Fixed global scripts not considering the command input by the player (was always assuming "wait").
- Fixed consecutive no-damage combat rounds not processing room events (e.g., aumtlich gaze) at their conclusion.
- Fixed brain ATK doubling going above the max int limit.
- Fixed projected damage from a duel not compatible with script checks for player HP < 0.
- Fixed tarstuff stabs that require dueling a mother, but the mother is somehow killed on the same turn (e.g., via explosion), weren't happening.
- Fixed right-clicking custom equipment in the room wasn't displaying its name or stats.
- Fixed missing sound effect for door locking and unlocking.
- Fixed shadow rendering issues.
- Fixed aumtlich beam rendering issue on room playback window.
- Fixed error beep when uploading progress to CaravelNet
- Fixed weapon font rendering issue.
- Fixed scripting issue: text variable comparison not working against other text variables.
- Fixed scripting issue: "Wait for <weapon/armor/accessory slot>" was not triggering.
- Fixed scripting issue: Build Tile resulted in various errors for certain tile configurations.
- Fixed scripting issue: Imperative: Hide stat changes wasn't hiding changes from equipment swaps.
- Fixed: battle dialog wasn't displaying correct monster ATK when brains are present.
- Fixed F2 not working correctly.
- Scroll display fix: stats could show on top of the scroll when viewing the full level map; stats tool tips should not appear over scroll.
- Fixed multiple potential crashes.
- Fixed: Fullscreen can now be toggled during video playback.
- Documented how characters operate when placed on tarstuff and how "Return to Previous Location" works.
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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale

Changelog for update / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-9 (Mac) / GOG-5 (Linux) (added 23 March 2016):

Tendry's Tale hold:
- Opened Pirate Lair convenience shortcut (to avoid having to traverse multiple levels to get to the other side of a yellow door you don't have to open).
- Goblin Tribe: Repeat inventory notification every time player steps on the Short Sword tile, so players don't miss it when they need it.

- Rule 2: Added scroll explaining briar logic.
- Added Ctrl- option to quick path to nearest stair exit.
- Now you can press the Battle key while viewing another room on the map.
- Now rooms explored in previous game sessions will automatically be added to the map.
- Migrated effects from the DROD 5.x engine:
- Real-time light and shadow rendering.
- Improved rendering logic for weather effects.
- Player death animations for falling into pit and drowning.
- New sound effects for destroying briar and thunder.
- Migrated "Secret room" sound. (When manually patching, you'll need to delete your drod.ini to enable the new sound effect.)
- Fixed hold copy having scrambled or lost exit/warp destinations.
- Fixed: fight projections could crash or cause undefined behavior with custom armor with "Each Defend" scripting
- Fixed: token toggle off wasn't working properly.
- Fixed: active weapon disarm tokens were not being applied on room load.
- Fixed: A player weapon with the 'No Enemy Defense' and 'Metal' behaviors should not retain the piercing ability when disabled (e.g., on oremites).
- Script fix: don't abort Build commands when encountering a platform tile that cannot be altered.
- Global script fixes: script execution flow was incorrect for Each Use and Question commands.
- On exiting a level via stairs: now nice to the CPU; now the game won't wait for user input to advance to the next screen once the animation has completed.

Cosmetic fixes:
- Sprite layering during death animation.
- Multi-line text box: text display selection by pressing Ctrl-A.
- Now pressing Esc during a Yes/No question will undo the last move.
- On autosave, play the shorter "harps" sound instead of the longer one.
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DROD: The Second Sky:

Changelog for update / GOG-2 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 23 March 2016):

TSS hold fixes:
- ED: fixed script bug while using speed potion
- EotS:1S1E: fixed scripted challenge bug
- OHV: scripted cut scene can be re-played
- Scroll text typo fixes
- Teleport player command now makes the player and their weapon correctly interact with the target tile and the tile teleported from (includes updating pathmaps)
- Mirrors can no longer be placed on top of each other in the editor
- It is no longer possible to walk on top of the fluff when using a platform
- Tarstuff and fluff will now correctly grow over disabled force arrows
- All missing items were added to "Wait for item" command
- Imperative (Open move) now works even if the character is not set to "deadly" which is consistent with all other pathfindings in the game
- Temporal seep, fluff and wraithwings now obey their expected movement restrictions and permissions
- When undoing in the puzzle-view spiders now don't disappear or get stuck inside each other, and they are also correctly counted in the hint-box
- Hitting a rock giant's corner which stands on shallow water with a dagger now correctly produces a stepping stone
- When using Custom speaker the game now correctly remembers which entity spoke and displays said entity in the speech history
- When using the quick go-to command (CTRL+) on the change location screen the initial articles (a, an, the) are ignored
- Temporal clones moving through a blocked tunnel will just waste the move instead of waiting for the move to be open OR teleporting into the player
- Puffs will no longer target invisible clones which are outside their smell range
- GatEB title screen is now always fully redrawn on each frame to avoid problems with region-redraw marking
- When previewing rooms on the minimap objects in the top-left corner will no longer act as if the player was standing on (0,0)
- Temporal clones will now shine their own light as long as the environmental effects are in the top 1/4th of the scale
- Checkpoints are now activated even if the player is pushed onto or through them
- Construct player role gets killed on oremites, is resistant to body slams and drops trapdoors
- Temporal clones can now bump into characters and make them react to Wait for Player to Touch Me command
- Invalid _MyWeapon values are now silently ignored
- Seep death and aumtlich gaze is now recalculated after tar stabs to avoid situations where seep are not killed/aumtlich gaze doesn't freeze when involving black doors being dropped
- Fuses lit by explosions triggered by floor spikes no longer have a one-turn delay
- Weapons can no longer be permanently changed by using a clone
- Mirroring a room with floor vents no longer produces an assertion error
- Removed "Wait for event: switch clone" command which never worked
- Mimic's (or guard's) caber now kills the player on the turn it should instead of a turn later
- Pushing the player now correctly updates the brain movement pathmaps
- Dagger wielding player now changes their direction when crossing room boundaries in the same way an unarmed player does
- Scripted characters now correctly rearm themselves when pushed off the oremites
- Guards and soldiers wielding daggers now correctly turn when they move; wielding other weapons, with their weapon on the target, will try to move towards the target
- Seep no longer press pressure plates
- Pushable imperatives have been reworked to work as intended
- Rattlesnake's head can now be burned even if their tail had been burned on the same turn
- Flying character roles no longer drop thin ice or get killed by spike traps
- Monsters pushed into a wall now correctly stab with their weapon
- Armed monsters making a move into a puff will now stab before dying
- It is now possible to build Tarstuff with Built Item At and Build Marker commands
- Replacing a force arrow with another one in the editor will no longer break associations with orbs/plates
- Puff's target highlight no longer disappears when the puff moves
- Building regular, cracked and broken orbs over existing ones no longer breaks associations
- Else if and Face towards like guard commands were added
- List of commands has been sorted alphabetically
- Ctrl+ shortcut now works in most lists in Character script edit
- Hitting enter when focus is in New Variable Name or New Character Name it adds the new variable/character instead of closing the window
- Added checking if two variables are not equal
- Enter in command selection screen closes the window and saves the command
- Ctrl+ now ignores the leading articles if a list is sorted alphabetically with articles ignored
- Updated the docs for a number of imperatives, Face towards like guard and Else if commands
- Drinking a blocking potion (mimic/decoy/clone) by teleport will make it impossible to drink any other blocking potion in the same turn
- Tokens are now activated by teleport on turn 0
- If the player is teleported onto a tile which kills them they won't be able to be teleported away from that square
- Saving settings no longer causes hold list to be redownloaded if CNet Login wasn't changed [No thread for this but no need to check this one either] (Mostly fixes):
- It is now possible to build regular orbs on top of cracked and broken ones
- Fixed some edge cases for Face towards like guard and made it work on turn 0 inside an if statement
- All entity lists in add command window can be searched via Ctrl+
- Dagger-hitting a rock giant will now, in all cases, result in a stepping stone being created on the stabbed tile if there was shallow water underneath
- Building unstable fluff no longer throws assertion errors
- It is no longer possible to build tarstuff over monsters
- All possible player roles (except fegundo) are now vulnerable to fire traps
- Removed brain and skipper nest roles from the player role selection menu
- Player role construct pushed onto oremites is now correctly killed
- Player role construct is once again vulnerable to body attacks
- Player will no longer be killed by hot tile in a situation where: the player is standing on one, rotates CW or CCW which pushes another entity which, by being pushed, pushes the player off the hot tile
- When player is speed up monsters pushed around on hot tiles will only be killed if they stay in place for a total of two half-turns
- Fixed a visual bug where part of the menu was left displayed when seeting the JtRH title screen with alpha blending and environmental effects disabled
- Build, build marker and wait for item lists are not the same list any more and the mismatched elements have been removed (like "None" in Build and Wait for item)
- Building Arrows, Disabled Arrows and Ortho squares now works
- Remove floor layer item option has been added to Build and Build marker commands
- Stalwarts are now correctly killed by enemies
- Wait for item: Pressure plates (all three types), Light, Wall Light, Ceiling Light (dark and light) and tokens added
- Fixed a bug where stalwarts wouldn't step on enemies when wielding a dagger
- Fluffs will target visible clones even if player is invisible
- Build marker for all tarstuff now is displayed using the tarstuff's inner graphic
- Fixed a typo in "script.html" help file which caused the in-game renderer to fail
- Added correct graphic for "Remove floor tile" build marker
- "Remove floor tile" in Build and Build marker is now future-proofed
- "Remove floor tile" now works correctly and doesn't throw assertion error
- Temporal tokens now correctly inherit stealth from the player character
- Projections which kill fluffs (eg. in rock golem role) no longer lose stealth
- Temporal projections can, once again, wade in shallow water if the player is also capable of it
- Temporal projections are not frozen by Aumtlich beam when they are stealthed
- Puffs can no longer be pushed against arrows and ortho squares and will be instakilled on-tile if the entity is wielding a caber
- Firetraps processing will no longer crash the game if the currently processed firetrap is turned off

5.1.0 release:
- Room editor: Now can place briar on pressure plates (and v.v.)
- Fixed crash on room paste from deleted hold
- Fixed some low contrast speaker subtitle background colors
- Fixed built items not falling into pits or water
- Fixed: building an item that replaces fluff should cause the fluff to break up properly
- Fixed: IsTileAt script command wasn't handling swapped arrow rotator tokens correctly
- Fixed: seep sometimes don't display while viewing another room from the minimap
- Clicking on evil eye in the room now doesn't skip highlighting other tile-specific object relations
- Help file typo fixes
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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale

Changelog for update / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-10 (Mac) / GOG-6 (Linux) (added 30 March 2016):

- This update fixes a critical crash issue in the game.
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DROD: The Second Sky

Changelog for update / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Mac) (added 15 April 2016):

- This patch fixes a critical regression introduced in an earlier version of the game.
- The Linux version will updated to the latest version ASAP.
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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale

Changelog for update / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-17 (Mac) / GOG-7 (Linux) (added 25 July 2016):

Graphical improvements:
- Foundation, Fortress, Iceworks wall tiles redrawn
- Boulder obstacles redrawn

- Now you can use either set of 4-directional movement keys to pan around rooms while viewing them on the map.
- Fixed a crash.