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I have set my eyes on this game two years ago, but it was in xbox -> xbox 360 transition era and this game was released on original xbox instead of xbox 360, so I decided to not getting it.
So anyone who ever got chance play the entire series, do you think this one is the best?
I love the first & second driver, it was plainly fun - or almost mindless fun.
I used to play it on my PSone along with Gameshark, to increase difficulty (along with brutal police code and max police car), it was bloody fun to get chased by insane police cars who thirst to kill me instead of capturing me, at the end it almost like chaotic destruction derby.
I was looking for similar experience,
GTA : san andreas is close, but GTA4 not.
what do u guys think?
Definitely not this one. Without a doubt the original Driver on PC is the best in the franchise.
This game is awesome. I would say it is about as good as the first one which I also liked.
actually, i think this one will be the best in the series :)
imho, Driver: San Francisco is the best. after the1st one, of course ;)
I've played and beaten the entire series. Parallel Lines is, unfortunately the worst of the whole bunch. Even the bug-riddled Driv3r has more to offer than this bland title. In the end you'll just be loading a save in 1978 and be cruising around in that, because the 70's car design and the 70's music in particular are the best parts of the entire game.

For the best game overall, it's a tricky one. Driver 1 (PSX version, NOT the PC version), Driver 2, and Driver San Francisco are the top three. I'd place Driver 2 a close 3rd, but it's anyone's game between 1 and D:SF. They're both fantastic.
I wonder if GOG will ever be able to get hold of the rights to the first two games?