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I've opened several mystery boxes that add items to the world. I cannot find them, for the life of me. For example, "Suspenders of Disbelief" comes with the clue "A suspicious pair of suspenders are found at the Northrop Inn." I've scoured every inch of the Northrop Inn, Northrop Village, and the Northrop abandoned mine, and I have found neither the suspenders, nor any new box that might contain them. I have a similar issue with the Belt of Stars from Eldar's Tomb.

Is there something else I have to do to cause them to spawn? I tried starting a new game, exiting then re-launching the game. Nothing has changed. I also never saw my melee damage numbers increase, from Sharpened Mind. What happened with everyone else's Mystery Box items? Any successes locating yours?
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The same thing happened to me, and I have not found any information online regarding where to find those items. It may be a bug.
Seems there's no substitute to actually testing the game on a clean computer. Turns out both the suspenders and the belt were bugged so that you actually got both from the birthday cake lock, and not their correct locks. That's why I didn't figure out anything was wrong, since I normally test with all the achievements unlocked. I'll fix the game and release an update. It won't fix the problem in any saved games though, but even in that case you should be able to get both items once you've unlocked the cake.