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Changelog for Update 1.3.0 [Livy] (added 27 November 2019)

Brave Mages!

This update introduces a number of user experience improvements and fixes that have been discussed and requested by the Driftland community in recent weeks. At the same time, we've synced all three development branches: Steam PC, Steam macOS, and GOG to version 1.3.x


Gamepad support introduced in the previous update has been improved with many new features and has become more convenient. Therefore, from the experimental test version it changed into a full-fledged game feature.

Bug Fixes

Since the previous update we have introduced several hundred changes and fixes in the source code of the game. The result is the elimination of many rare but annoying bugs that occur in specific situations, e.g. the (in)correct numbering of camps (and raids) during their frequent creation and removal. The second group of changes and fixes improved the game's performance and stability. Here we owe a huge thank you to our wonderful community, which provided us a lot of feedback, game saves, and logs. Thank you!

May your lands remain unshattered

Star Drifters Team

Current version on GOG is 1.3.4a
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Changelog for Update 1.3.6 (added 10 December 2019)

Dear Mages,

We continue our mission to improve the world of Driftland. This update is not guided by a specific thought, rather consists of small patches that affect the quality of the game's reception.

We believe that it will appeal to players who return to the world of a shattered planet regularly, and for new ones will lower the entry threshold and encourage them to thoroughly explore the world and the rules of our game.


- A new algorithm for selecting / clicking birds, dragons and flying units that makes selection easier
- Clicking on information about being attacked moves the camera precisely to this event, not the island in general
- Clicking on the information about the hero's death moves the camera to the place where it happened
- Treasure finding information now directs / shows the treasure, not the finder

Bug fixes

- Late game "fatal error" fixed (reported with crashlogs by Kya- thx!)
- After loading the game we do not lose the view of the lines assigning units to flags
- Correction of the description of Dark Elves in the Skirmish mode
- Improvement for Dwarves in the unit management menu - flying machines, birds and dragons are correctly distinguished
- Correction of persistently returning messages of some in-game events
- Correction of the non-disappearing window of the game overwrite numerous minor fixes

Thank you for all the warm words️, ideas and thumbs up. You can't even imagine how important it is for a small independent team like us. Once again - thank you! You are great!

May your lands remain unshattered,

Star Drifters Team