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- Hard Difficulty: Hitting the uninjured rat several times during the ending no longer assigns wrong sprite to the slime graphics
- It's no longer possible to return the student card to the Librarian if it's been forged or tampered with
- Fixed an issue where giving the alien figurine to the Archivist caused the pencil sound effect to loop in the background
- Fixed an issue where pausing the game or entering the menu while the Archivist was writing could have caused the pencil sound effect to loop in the background
- Walter now makes a comment that there are several boxes containing newspapers in the archives
- Minor fixes to Elwood's dialogue options
- Minor fixes to Anastasia's dialogue options
- Fixed the issue where trying to continue on beyond the last page in Walter's notes with the mouse wheel would still produce the paper-shuffling sound effect
- Added some animations to interactions with the student card
- Added some sound effects to interactions with Armitage and the Archivist

Thanks for helping to locate and fix the bugs!