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- Walter can buy the rat poison directly from the general store, if he has discussed poisoning the rats with Joe
- Earplugs can now deteriorate completely only after sleeping, resting or studying at home
- Added an option to disable tutorial texts when starting a new game
- When hovering mouse over an inventory item, the description text will now show how many copies / doses it has
- The Special Collection ending dialog with Armitage now takes into account Walter's Occult skill value
- Occult skill value can no longer be negative
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to sign the book of Azathoth several times
- Fixed an issue where eating the canned food at the dream city could have decreased the amount of food Walter has when he is awake
- Fixed an issue where a corridor exit hotspot could be visible in the dream city, even if the way was blocked
- All mentions of Sarah Churchwell are corrected to Sarah Chruchill in the witch trial documents
- If the university basement pipe is burst, Armitage's Special Collection intro sequence can no longer happen in any scenario
- Fixed an issue in the Elwood intro sequence, where Elwood's sprite might have disappeared briefly
- Fixed an issue where Elwood could have been incorrectly tinted when encountering him on the street
- If the game is paused by pressing spacebar in the index card close-up room, right-clicking no longer freezes the game
- Looking at the strange rod in inventory while in a close-up room no longer freezes the game
- Added Freezing / Drenched topic to Witchopedia
- Minor typo fixes

Thanks to everyone who helped to locate and fix the bugs!