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- You can no longer skip the May-Eve event by spending the night in Elwood's room
- Fixed an issue where using the rod at the island could have caused a freeze, if the text speed was set very low
- Fixed an issue where not reporting to Armitage about being trapped in the basement could have caused a game freeze later on when exiting the Special Collection
- Selecting the "Delete existing save games" option in the main menu now deletes existing save games
- Fixed an issue where the rat could run through the damaged tin sheet rat hole cover
- Giving the dead rat to Armitage, and telling all the facts about it at the same time, now gives all the correct evidence points
- The option to ask Fisherman about the previous customer will now be properly removed, if Walter has the rod
- Finding and interacting with the dead rat in the secret room will now unlock the "Exterminator" achievement
- One variation of the bad endings will now unlock the "The Blind Idiot God" achievement
- Fixed some typos

Thanks to everyone who helped to locate and fix the bugs!
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Thank you for posting these updates.