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- Fixed an issue where Walter wouldn't comment on the exam results, if he got exactly one exam point
- Closing the notes / To-do list no longer disables the fast travel block
- "The King in Yellow" index card in the card catalogue no longer causes issues when talking to Armitage
- When staying the night at Elwood's place, the medicine dialog now shows only the valid medicines
- Fixed an issue on the third dream, where injured Brown Jenkin could freeze the game while Walter was talking to the witch
- Fixed an issue where interacting with the inventory books or the strange rod on the map screen could have caused a crash or a freeze
- Pressing Esc at the dream world epilogue no longer freezes the game
- Replaced one Public Domain store music track with another PD track
- "Even Death May Die" achievement will now unlock if Walter dies during the ritual
- Fixed an issue where showing an unfinished Theory papers to Armitage could have caused an error when showing the papers later again

Thanks to everyone who helped to locate and fix the bugs!