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1. A signpost in the Desert lists the "Garveyard" as a destination.
2. When turning quickly, one can see areas of color on the screen which quickly disappear.
3. When I first solved the left most Custom Portal Experiment, the green check under it didn't light up. I tried it again and it didn't light. Then I came back into this dream, solved it a third time, then only it was checked and when I went to do the next one over they all registered as checked and I could continue.
4. Sometimes crashes with error message "BUILT WITH UDK has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." This usually happens during loading times.

5. When moving the pointer from one hot spot to another and they are close together, the game will sometimes think it is still on the first hot spot. The problem comes when the pointer moves quickly between the hot spots, and the machine doesn't register the gap between the hot spots. Example hot spots: stall doors in bathrooms, the 3x3 grid of scrolling texts in one of the Custom Portal Experiments, etc.

6. In the scrolling texts of the Custom Door Experiments there is a spelling error: PUZZLES is spelled PUWWLES.
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7. Sometimes when you open a door that opens toward you and pushes you, if the door pushes you into something, the door will get stuck at an odd angle and when you close it, the door goes past the door jam and then you can't get through the door An example of this is Act 2 Office: take elevator to third floor, turn right and take the far double doors which are already open. You come to a mass of pipes in the hallway preventing passage. Take the door on the right, head to the back and open the door there while standing too close for it. Instead of opening to approx. 100 degrees from its closed position, if stops at about 75 to 80 degrees and you can't get through it. Then if you close it, it doesn't stop at the door jam (0 degrees) it passes that to about -10 to -15 degrees. You might have to set up a condition in the door close routine to check to see if it tries to pass the door jam and have it stop where it needs to.

8. The vinyl for the Air Reflector side dream appeared for me in the location for Vinyl Dream #3 (where the one from Fern Meadows appears, right side facing Act 3's portal) until I got the one from Fern Meadows, at which point it moved to the left point as you face Act 2's portal. In both locations the vinyl was missing its cover and is not playable.
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