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Hello all!

When I was younger in the 90s this was a game my friends and I played a lot before we could even understood all the words that appeared on screen! We unfortunately never really beat the game and ended up killing all the critical NPCs! To make matters worse we accidentally damage the floppy disks making the game unplayable.

I finally came back to Drakkhen recently when I noticed GOG had it available! It definitely was Surreal to finally hear the music again after nearly 3 decades!

Anyway, now that I started playing Drakkhen seriously as an adult, I noticed that there is no map, no compass, and no units of distance or any method to measure distance. There is a map for the SNES version which has the same world(allegedly), however it's extremely low resolution and not very helpful!

So, I decided to figure out a way to map the world. What I found is that if I set DOXBox to 2900 cycles it takes roughly 64 seconds of time to travel from one corner of the map to either connecting corner of the maps meaning the world is roughly a square block. The 4 zones are take about 16 seconds to cross from 1 edge to the other. Using these findings and a stopwatch; I made an approximate map of the world with the roads and major locations.

It's not perfect but I find it very useful and my friends who played Drakkhen with me years ago have also found it to be extremely helpful.

The zones are ICE, MARSH, GRASSLAND, and DESERT respectively from top to bottom. The Star is roughly where the start of the game is. The #2 location is the castle you start facing.

Hopefully this helps others enjoy the game fully!
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RagingChaos: (...) I made an approximate map of the world with the roads and major locations.
Wow, that's very cool, it must have taken forever to make. I've been playing this game once a year or every other year since the early 90s, so I'm used to finding all the locations without a map, but this will surely be very useful to other players. Thanks for sharing!

That map brought memories of playing certain games back in those days, I remember making maps for games like Super Metroid and Legend of Kyrandia, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, etc. :)
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It actually just took me about 8-9 hours in 1 day to make the map! The main problem was determining how to plot distance. Since there is no units of measure like most older games that had you move like on a grid, I had to figure out a semi-reliable way to gauge distance. Using time to travel with a stop watch proved most effective.

I actually made maps for other older games too. I plan to post the ones I find in the appropriate forums as I find them (again)