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You can get vastly improved graphics by using a proper scaler.
Go into your install directory and open the file dosboxDragonsphere.conf with notepad.
Find the line that says:
change it to hq3x
Here is a demo of the difference between the normal scaler (nearest neighbor) and hq3x algorithm
It made the text much easier to read, thanks.
Thank you great find!
Nice Find,makes the graphics much smoother
Thanks for the tip. I actually prefer the normal graphics. Reminds me of the grand old pixelated days of yore

An even easier way to modify this is to go into the Dragonsphere shortcut, run the GOG dos box configurator ---> advanced settings tab and change the scaler
Very nice tip.
I love this game and although this gives it less of an oldskool feel I still would recommend it to the new generation of players who aren't used to that muddied pixel look.