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One of the reviews on the game page mentions that this game has a time limit. Is this true? I found no reference anywhere else that this is the case.
Time limit? You mean like a time-limited demo? No, it does not have anything like that.
I, too, have been wondering about a time limit... what about the sphere which is breaking about part by part? At least it is giving me the feeling that I should not loiter around.
nope, no time limit except for certain mission/scene where you have to act quickly.
Thank you. :)

I'd hate to rush through the game because of a misunderstood sentence.
Post edited May 12, 2011 by Lafazar
no time limit that i've noticed, but i do find it to be fun to be under pressure to move quickly in a game. as long as i can redo the sequence easily, and i don't have to reload all the way back to the beggining every time!

there was this one game, what was it called? hmm. oh yeah, little big planet. you get to this one point where you have to jump on these cogs or whatever, its freaking hard as can be and after you get past it, you had to fight this guy and these bombs went off. point was, after you get past the hard part, you ended up dying and had to redo it all over again. boy that's frustrating!