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I can only ever get 248 points. Are there any solutions that show how to end the game with the maximum score?
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No I don't think there is sorry

You could try this one but I don't know if it will help

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I got 250.

I can be mistaken about where I followed a different path than the 248 tutorials, but I did do one thing that story-wise isn't very logical.

At a certain point in the game, you use a flask of acid to burn a hole through the floor. Now you might wonder why that matters. Well, I suspected a flask full of acid to be worth more points than an empty bottle... So, after pouring the acid, I went back and filled it again. It doesn't have any real use anywhere else in the game, but I believe it made the difference between 248 and 250.
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underscorer: So, after pouring the acid, I went back and filled it again. It doesn't have any real use anywhere else in the game, but I believe it made the difference between 248 and 250.
I just finished the game with 250 points as well and didn't refill the flask. I suspect it is one action I did in the end that was not mentioned in the walkthrough and is worth 2 pts.

Bevor unsheathing the sword I shapeshifted into a bear, which will be countered by the king's brother. After that I took the sword in hand and proceeded as usual. Might well be that is the missing two points.
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Well, I just finished it for the first time and got 250 pts. I honestly don't know how. I spent more time than I care to admit blundering around and trying to stick tentacles and other random objects to things....errr....I can't imagine what would possess someone to do some of the thing necessary to finish the game, really. But anyway. I didn't do the acid flask refill or the bear shift as mentioned. Once I've recovered from this (my saves degenerated from location names to swear words about a third of the way in) I'm going to try again and make note of what exactly I'm doing, and if I hit 250 again, I'll let you know. Freaking ratsicle....really?
Well.....I played thru again and tried to retrace my steps as well as I could...and ended up with only 245 points this time *eyeroll* Since I did all the actual acts the same, it must be something in the dialogue options. I couldn't remember exactly what I said in some of them. If I ever figure it out, I'll post a walkthru. But...I think its unlikely. It must have been beginner's luck lol
It's hard to say exactly what you missed out on doing, but basically, you need to do everything, like open every book, find all the treasures etc. You should never use the crystal ball except on the ward to get the emerald.
Having just finished with the full 250 points, here is what I did. (no need to refill the flask with acid, or make extra bundles, or any duplicate work)

Get every single treasure possible (including the gold nugget on the ground by the waterfall).

Use the birdcall on the side of the mountain to talk to the Shak.

Make sure you befriend everyone and get everyone to tell you their piece of the prophecy, including the Shak.

Be honest with the Soptus Caliph when you're Pid (although you'll have to play two games for every prize).

When the Guard Captain asks you why you healed her, tell her it's to prove that shapechangers can be good.

Be sure to talk to the Queen, introduce yourself as Pid, and learn about what to do about the king. (Ignore the dialogue choices about how they did it, and rescuing the queen.)

Tell the King you have a plan.

When you first confront MacMorn, shift into bear form. (this is worth 2 points, which is most often what people are missing from their 248 point walkthrough)

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more help!
I made a guide for how I got 250 points:
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