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my primary pawn(the one I select and create for my main character's companion) voice changes. I picked a mature sounding voice for her and iwhen I entered the rif to hire a new pawn addiiton the main pawn and the new pawn changed to a chipmunk voice when I exited the rift back to the real world. this only seems to affecet female pawns, not male pawns nor any NPC at all. WTF!
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I have never had any chipmunk sounds from a pawn... if it only happens in the stone rift then I would assume the network is the issue because that is when you are online by default i.e, your system is low on ram

p.s, test this by playing in full offline mode (no pawns from outside) and see if the sound still plays up
no = its your network and the best fix tends to be more ram
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