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rejitj: I went offline and I got corrupt save data when I started the game. When I was online, I did use online pawns. Did anyone else faced this problem?
Save data is not corrupted! it will be visible if you go online again.
We are aware of this problem and are already testing a hotfix for that.
rejitj: I went online and it states failed to load data. What do I do now?
please sent it to me:
I'll have a look.
rejitj: Sure, will you let me know what exactly should I send ? I tried going through support page and from there, I went to attach my save file and it doesn't show up. If you can tell me where should I look for them too, it will be helpful
your saves are stored in:

I need DDDA.SAV file. You can send it to me via email I posted in my previous post.
rejitj: I have sent the email. Please check if you received it.
I have it, checking if there is anything I can do right now with it.
rejitj: Sure, I also wanted to ask if a refund is possible on this purchase that is if you are not able to fix that save file. Can I ask for a refund ?
For now, I managed to restore a checkpoint (I think). Please check your email and let me know if it works.
vahki530: I have the same problem. Is there any way to fix the data?
I can try - please send me your .SAV file (see above posts for details) and I'll have a look
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rejitj: When you go online, file cannot be loaded message comes in. I am going to ask for a refund.
that's what the today's hotfix will be, but it needs to go our QA first.
If you don't want to wait, you can switch to the beta branch via GOG Galaxy. Branch is open and named Release Candidate (pic attached)

To restore your previous appearance, load the game, press ESC, load and pick 'restore last checkpoint'
rc.jpg (77 Kb)
rejitj: Thanks, Thiev. This time it works. I checked both offline and online, everything is normal and am back into the game. Thanks to your work and patience.
I'm glad to hear that.
And I think I should thank you for your patience :)
LiefLayer: One small question:
If I don't use gog galaxy where the save are stored? What is that make the save file incompatible with the steam version (for example)?
Finally if I backup my offline save file, will I be able to restore it after a while?
Saves are stored in the same place, regardless of Galaxy being installed or not.
Steam saves use SteamID for identification and thus will not load if that record is missing from the save.

There should be no problem whatsoever with offline backups.