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This is a fantastic port that consistently gets 60 frames even on my 6-year old toaster of PC, but there's one issue I've ran into.

Between the the chimera fight at the end of the prologue and just before character creation, the game plays an FMV of the dragon emerging from the clouds (beginning with the text "and countless liftimes come to pass..."). On my end this FMV just locks up at a random whenever I try to watch it in game. I'm able to still skip past it when this happens, but this is still kind of bothersome.

I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I happen to be using a non-widescreen monitor and playing the game at 1280x1024 (which the game seems to support, but only in a letterbox mode with black bars on the top and bottom).
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Hi pbaggers,

Sorry to hear about your issue! If you are encountering issues related to video playback with the game, this could be due to a missing Windows Media Player codec, which the game requires. Please ensure the appropriate version of
Windows Media Player is installed on your system, as well as the appropriate Media Feature Pack for
your version of Windows (restart your computer after installing a Media Feature Pack).

Note: Due to the forum spam filter, we are unable to provide direct links, however please replace the . listed here with a period '.' to access these links. We apologize for any inconvenience.,aspx?id=48231 - Windows 10 Media Feature Pack - Windows 8.1 Media Feature Pack - Windows 8 Media Feature Pack - Windows 7 Media Feature Pack

Windows 10 N and KN Edition users will need to download the following Media Feature Pack:

For more technical troubleshooting steps, you can check out the official Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen FAQ:
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I fixed the links for you.
It happens to me too.. I am not using windows N or KN.

All the link above is for windows N and KN Version. Mine is Windows 10 Pro.

I tried to update the VGA driver, directx and it became worse, could randomly freeze in character creation page.

PC is old Intel Core i5 2500, 8GB RAM with VGA Card Asus GTX 980 ti Strix.

Edit :

Try set the anti aliasing to FXAA3 from FXAA. It runs smoothly for me now.
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I'll try updating my codecs when I get far enough into the game to trigger another pre-rendered cutscene (which may take a while as I'm taking my sweet time with this game). I'm on a copy of Windows 7 that has opted out of system updates for at least 3 years, so that could have something to do with it.

Pleased to also get a direct response from Capcom USA. I appreciate the concern and am otherwise very happy with this release.