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How do you guys fight them with just your pawn and MC, cause the other pawns have been a waste of time and I've been hit with 3 or more chimeras beginning out
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Well, there's no any need in pawns, at all. And yes, there's quite tricky possibilities, to obtain some top-tier gear, almost right from the start.

First, you'd better to sell out all of your DLC items - some of them already stored in your warehouse - and they cost VERY WELL

Buy those little *boom*-bags, don't be greedy! They are totally boss killers, so make your use of them

Second, you can obtain some of top-tier gear early ingame, thus making game like a cake walking, even on Hard. To do so, you'd head on BBI first. Google 'BBI bows location', or something like that, start your run, and you'd be fine

Edit: Nah - just create Strider, give him that BBI shortbow, equip blast arrows, use five shot - and you'll break the game, I guarantee it. Pure, raw and simple OP. Dragons? Pff, forget
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the bottom line is attacks from above work best and the snake (tail) is normally the part, what you want to go for first

a warrior type will want to get on his back like the tutorial showed you but I'm a bow and arrow fighter so I just get up on a rock or somesuch to shoot down at him... run away is another good option if this is your first real battle
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Awesome thank you guys for the Advice
btw hired pawns arent always useless
the generic ones that you seee in offline mode and sometimes while online aren't setup very well, but alot of players work hard to make their pawns to be as useful as they can make them (high end expansion gear makes a big difference. ie bitterblack isle purified stuffs), selecting skill sets that allow the pawn ti shine in a specific role
another thing that affects how well a pawn can perform is their knowledge of a given monster type. the more gold stars they have for a monster the better they will be able to fight it. ie targeting weak points using elements they are weak to etc.
maybe check out the "friends for pawns" thread in the dragons dogma forum teh thread should be named as quoted or something close to it, so far alot of the people i got friended by have pawns that seem to be pretty well balanced, and useful

when it comes to fighting chimera, if your a melee attacker grappling it a powerful strategy since it allows you to climb to weak points, in this case the snake tail to cut it off, goat head to stop spellcasting, or going for the lions eyes
for magical types you can use fire which can sometime make eh enemy stop to try to put out the flames several eneies do a stop drop and roll if they are ignited, leaving your team free to continue attacking them

also if you find that you arent doing much damage to them, it might be wiser to try to stay away from them until you get better, or more enhanced gears, and/or level up

btw sorry for the lateness of my posting, i did try to post when this thread was started but it somehow got lost in th aether and i didnt want to repost right away risking it multiposting teh same message XD
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youll need a full party most likely.

then do in this order: snake, goat, then lion.

careful because the lonely lion will then preceed to pummel you & mostly you alone.

whe you see him leap, get the heck out of there cause it hurts!
many ways guy .silence or torpor him. best cut his tails first .then stop goat head cast spell and it's done.
Dirty trick: get a Rusted Bow (starter equip for Strider), upgrade to 3 Stars (should be easy even for beginning players) and then use flurries.
Most big mobs will be a piece of cake that way :)
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