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Not talking about loading time here. The one thing that really bugs me about this game so far is that the way it starts up is horrendous. You start the game, and the first thing is an ESRB screen. When that finally goes away, you get the Capcom screen. Then you get the "Press any button" screen with overly loud music playing. Then you get an auto-save reminder, then it checks your save data (including audio volume, so you can't change the volume the music will play at before this part), and then a message that it's starting in offline or online mode. After all of that, you get a menu where you can quit, read the manual, or go to the real main menu. Only once you've finally made it to the "Main Menu" can you choose to load the game and start playing.

Quitting the game is poorly implemented as well. Quitting takes you back to the "press any button" screen, which then makes you sit through the auto-save, loading save data, and offline/online screens again, before finally getting to the menu where you can quit, confirm that you're quitting, and then have the game close. At least with this you can just use Alt+F4, but I don't know why they couldn't have included a "Save and quit to desktop" option.

I'm guessing that there's no fix for these issues, but I wanted to ask here anyway. Obviously it's not that big of a deal, but it's still annoying and there's no excuse for the arbitrary delays the game has in starting and quitting. It wouldn't be so bad if you could press buttons to skip through it all, but as far as I can tell that doesn't work, or if it does it's only on certain screens. I also wish there was a way to fix the intro music being so loud, especially since it always starts at the same volume regardless of your settings.
This may not fix everything, but oddly enough it does make it a lot less annoying. For whatever reason the ESRB screen bothered me the most, and the mod author's replacement for the Capcom screen also just feels better to sit through. Thank you!