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If so, what happens?
Owned this game for years on floppy, a cd re release, gog. Never got off the beginning area.
There might be a finished LP on rpgcodex or Youtube.
Green_Hilltop: There might be a finished LP on rpgcodex or Youtube.
Most likely, any such LP probably *doesn't* kill this particular enemy. Thing is, you are not meant to be able to beat her.

The battle starts with the Dragon Queen at 150 feet away, and there are other enemies in the fight. Thing is, you can only advance 10 feet per round, and the longest ranged attack I have managed to find in the game has 80' range, with the longest useful one being only 70'. (If only the Wrath of Mithras spell could be found, but even that is only 90' range). Therefore, you have to advance 8 times before you can do decent damage.

In the meantime, the dragon can breathe on you each round, and the breath does 14 or so damage to the entire party. To those not familiar with the game, that might not sound like much, but you generally don't get much Health in the game, so 14 damage to the entire party could easily cause a party wipe right away, and you have to endure this 8 times before you can even *start* to do decent damage to the Dragon Queen, and that's ignoring the other enemies in the fight you will have to take care of (which takes at least one more round).

I suspect that raising your Spirit really high *might* make you able to reliably avoid the breath, but I have not tested it, and the amount of Spirit you need is probably higher than is practical. Unfortunately, there's no spell to raise that stat temporarily like there is with Dexterity (Zak's Speed is overpowered when stacked, but it doesn't help against dragon breath).
dtgreene: If so, what happens?
Yes, my brother and I did when we were kids after high powering our party through the Magan underworld well, like a hundred times. The dragon queen essentially says "I give up, and reveal to me the dragon gem and I will help you".

I believe if you leave and re-enter, you just have to keep fighting her until you use the dragon gem.