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1) There doesn't seem to be an in-game option to change the text language (only audio language). First time I installed, I ended up with Chinese text somehow, and had to reinstall to get English.
2) There are an absurd number of credit/notice screens that you have to get through before you can reach the game's main menu.
3) Like Neptunia VIIR, the game chugs on my system. Except here, it doesn't just have a choppy framerate sometimes, it actually slows down the game. Doing the 'Internal Resolution Modification' hack, noted elsewhere, helps but causes transition effects to look wrong. It would be nice to find an additional hack to fix that problem.
4) Also like Neptunia VIIR, there are some graphical effects that make everything look hazy and low-contrast. It's even worse in this game since the environments are generally darker to begin with. It's disappointing for a game that needs this much GPU power to look so bland.
5) I'm currently on chapter 3, and I have yet to figure out how to change between height levels in a battle. It definitely seems like you should be able to change levels (or else why even have them??) but I've tried every button combination and nothing works.