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Hi everyone! I have a question: what the difference between GOG and Origin versions? I mean Origin is peace of... scrap. It don't give right to choose in-game language like Steam or GOG. I'm from Russia and russian localization is bad. However I can change language in-game, but in this case some enemies had names like "sword_skeleton_001" or something (Warden's keep DLC). So I beat the game with RU localization. But I'm ready to buy DA:O UE again if GOG version better than Origin version.
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GoG version has no connection to Origin/Steam or any other service like that.

It is totally standalone and DRM free.

It's the only version I would buy at this point (and did).

There is also no loss from not being part of those services, as EA shut down any online services for Dragon Age, a long time ago.

Bottom Line. The cleanest, best, most complete version of Dragon Age IMO.
Silent_Guy: I mean Origin is peace of... scrap. It don't give right to choose in-game language like Steam or GOG.
Try running the standalone config executable. As with most Bioware games, some DA:O settings can only be changed through that.

Find the installation directory and open the bin_ship subfolder. Then run DAOriginsConfig.exe and click on the video tab; you should see two language options (text and voices) with a bunch of different languages to choose from.
I just bought the game (along with Crysis, one of my favourite FPS). I was wondering what the dlcs contain. I know awakening is something like a new quest, but I don't know what the 9 other dlcs are and I didn't want to create a new topic. Can someone shortly describe me the dlcs ?
Other than the new camgpaign most DLC was poorly integrated cash grab filler IMO.

I actually recommend turning it all OFF on the first play, with the possible exception of Stone Prisoner. Here are some thoughts by category:

Continuing Campaign
This can be the first thing you turn on after finishing the game. You can finish the story then turn this stuff on to continue. In order of play.

Awakening is a sizable new adventure that happens after the main adventure. Goes to much higher level. I thought it was fun.

The Golems of Amgarrak: Kind of hack and slash challenging mod, unlocks some powerful items for future play. Not tremendous fun. Can be skipped.

Witch Hunt is the Final adventure. Much Shorter than Awakening, but I enjoyed it, liked the ending. Many did not.

These are the only three that are real campaigns, and they happen after and extend beyond the main adventure.

Item DLC:
There are bunch of poorly integrated items. I won't enumerate. These are more like "pay to win" micro transactions. IMO they ruin the balance of the game and best avoided on the first play. Many origins start you off in the underclass, turn on these DLC items and all of sudden you have a load of expensive powerful items, or you can sell them for loads of cash. They make no sense. But it depends on whether game balance and logic matter to you.

Integrated Mini adventures:

The Stone Prisoner: This came with the original game, and was decently integrated, and ads a new companion. Turn on during the first play would probably be what most experienced.

Wardens Keep: Poorly integrated but gives you a storage chest and some weapons/armor. Kind of Meh.

Return to Ostagar: Poorly integrated but gives you some weapons/armor. I liked this one. It gave me some sense of closure. Weapons and Items are kind of glitch because of poor integration, and don't import properly to Awakening and beyond.

Stand alone Mini Adventures:
These take place completely outside the game. Play anytime or don't.

Leliana's Song: Some background on Leli, unlocks powerful item that appear forever after (see above). It's OK, but far from necessary.

Darkspawn Chronicals: Play as Darkspawn, unlocks powerful item that appear forever after (seeing a pattern?). Novelty wears off in 5 mins, only reason to complete is to unlock item.
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At least from experience with Dragon Age Inquisition, Origin installs the language you are accessing the internet from.
If you are from Russia, you get Russian with optional switch to English.

I played the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age Origins in the Steam version and the Origin version.
The Steam version is plain broken and not supported by Steam. You need to search on the internet for the DLC and items that are included in the Ultimate Edition and download/install then each manually.
The Origin version works flawless and it is easy to add the many DLC in form of adventures and items, but there is the client you need to use for DRM.
The GOG version puts everything into one huge package, all DLC combined in one single installation.
PeterScott: Other than the new camgpaign most DLC was poorly integrated cash grab filler IMO.

Thanks for the elaborate answer, always apreciated. I'll follow your advice. Btw I finished the game back when it came out, but had none of the dlc.