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I've encountered a very strange bug involving the last battle in the fade (mage tower), at the end of the Lost in Dreams quest against the sloth demon.
The thing is, I'm not able to beat the demon in the middle island without the shapeshifting abilities (mainly Golem and that healer thing are needed). But as soon as the fight is over, my character doesn't change back to her usual appearance and is stuck to look like whatever form I had last in that battle.

It's also impossible to look "normal" again during the battle. My character can't change back to her standard looks.
... and I really don't want to run through the rest of the game, looking like some monster.
Is there any way to fix this? I didn't really know what to type into google to find a solution to this bug, already tried mage tower bug or the fade bug and shapeshiftig bug. Found nothing, the official forum seems to be closed too.

With only 1 healer (Wynn) in the group, I'm pretty much dead in this battle if I'm not allowed to use the healer creature D: But I can't continue the game looking like a monster lol

Edit: Oh well, nevermind. The solution was way easier than I thought. Reloading the game on a "monster savegame" outside the fade fixed it. The topic can be closed / deleted.
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