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Hello. I am playing DAO for the first time. Digging it a whole lot!

I am about to start The Landsmeet.

Between Bodahn Feddic at Camp, Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak, and the "party storage chest" at Soldier's Peak, I got a lot of magical equipment and items stored therein:
-- The good stuff that I currently have no one to use, I put in the "party storage chest".
-- The decent stuff that I'm not sure will be used or not, I sell to Levi (with the thinking that I could buy something back if needed).
-- The lame stuff that I know I won't use, I sell to Bodahn.

I also have several magical items that, when I have enough gold, I would like to purchase from merchants in Orzammar and the Circle Tower.

So my question is, when I initiate The Landsmeet, will I still be able to access Soldier's Peak, the Circle Tower, and Orzammar? Or Bodahn?
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