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Hi everyone,.

Looking to get into this fine looking game. Wondering about combat.

Some reviews talk about tons of boring filler, others about each battle being a challenging tactical puzzle.

Which is which?

Depends on difficulty.

Regardless of difficulty, most battles are boring filler. On high difficulty, the game is going to be a slog but you will generally have to think and use sound tactics and strategy to prevail.

On lower difficulty the game plays itself.

I have a big issue with DA's balance. At low level the party doesn't have enough options, abilities, spells, potions, etc to work with. At high levels all the additional spells and abilities don't matter because your stats have increased to the point that a basic attack one-shots most enemies even on higher difficulties and stacks upon stacks of all the potions, salves, and poisons you've accumulated will be burning holes in your inventory.

If you are coming to DA expecting challenging tactical combat, then you've come to the wrong place.