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Hi, I have a following problem:
I've read a few forums and people all over the net talk about how to make archer-rogue crit chance as close to 100% as possible. Meanwhile, my archer is sitting at its base bow value, meaning that if a bow has a crit chance 1.5% - so has my archer. I've checked the saves with savegame tool an it seems that no entry for ranged crit was ever created - so I've added one, with a value similar to the melee crit chance. However it doesn't solve the problem at all. I've tried to rise the cunning and it has absolutely no effect on the ranged crit. Meanwhile mele crit works just fine.

I've also tried the saves from nexus and as funny as it is - downloaded rogues also have their crit only as high as the bow. So it'd seem that the problem lies within the game engine and not the save itself.

Did anybody had this problem and found out how to solve it? Ofc. I can more or less calculate my base crit chance and modify it with the save editor, but this is not how the game should work.
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