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When I get to the in-game menu my mouse highlights the options, but I cannot see it. If I click what the mouse highlights it goes into the option, but I still can't see it.
I'm running Windows 7x64 and used GOG Galaxy to install the game. I have changed the User Account Control settings to "Never Notify", ran the game as administrator, tried reinstalling it, tried putting the game into a "simple folder" and tried connecting only the mouse with no success.
Not sure what else to do, any ideas?

UPDATE: I found a solution given by lemmings19. I've tried to post the link but, it won't let me.

Basically, he says to go to Start-> Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound-> Mouse-> Pointer Options then under Visibility uncheck Display Pointer Trails and click Apply. After this go to Pointers and uncheck Enable Pointer Shadow and click Apply.
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System Settings Mous ... diasble Mouse trail ...
Works for me.
Thank You