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So I had this game on Origin without DLCs. I added some mods. THey survived multiple reformats, so I presume they were saved in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age folder. When I installed the GOG version with all the DLCs, it recognized the previous saves and synced them. But when I try to load the game, it says I need the mods that the save used before.
This is really weird because the process worked on Origin.
So my question is - where exactly are mods installed and how can I ensure that the game sees them?
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They install to the same place.
The problem is, the game doesn't look through those folders to see what mods you have installed, it looks at a .xml file that lists your installed mods.
When your install the GOG version, it gives you a new blank .xml file that overwrites the existing one and the game thinks you have no mods installed.
Your DAZip mods will all have to be reinstalled for the game to know they are there.
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I have a backup of all the Origin saves which includes the old AddIns.xml. I replaced the new one with it and everything works properly now.
Thanks for telling me where to look.
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