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I have only the base DA:O in steam but recently i purchased DA:I on Origin and the game comes language locked to a terrible PT-BR translation that looks like a google translation to Portuguese of a google translation to Spanish(using therms that nobody uses like "melindroso" and the text some times makes no sense) despite the fact that the trial was in english and the English is included according to "supported languages", i was unable to play in English, doesn't mater how much i edit the text files, try enter in contact with support and follow the tutorials on internet.

So, the GOG version comes language locked? Censored? With all DLC's? Because i will probably play DA:O again and this time i wanna play with all DLC's. Between purchase on GOG or in other stores, i prefer purchase in GOG because is DRM free and they do not treat consumers like 'shirt'.
You can change the language in-game, it comes with all DLC ever released, and it isn't censored.