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Hi all,

I don't know how widespread this problem is, but for anyone having crashes in Denerim (and attached areas), try lowering your graphics settings. I had my graphics all maxed and for some reason the market was very unstable and I couldn't re-load any saves I made if it crashed. Lowering graphics to medium "fixed" it for me and was able to continue.

I hope this helps someone.
Crashes in Denerim can also be caused by some of the mods installed.

Another alternative is to patch the game to enable it to use up to 4GB of RAM with this:

Or set the CPU affinity to use only one core within the task manager.
Never once had this problem in Win 7 but now I'm getting it in Win 10.
You can also start the game using a previous save (on that isn't in Denerrim) and THEN load your most recent Denerim save.