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I'll look into how this can be solved, but the registry keys were removed to avoid Origin Client forcibly updating the game to its own version.
acute71: Yeah. This is a massive letdown :( Hopefully someone finds a fix for this.
fix is simple - you need to edit registry key:
HKLM/SOFTWARE/(Wow6432Node*)/BioWare/Dragon Age
rename value 'Path_' to 'Path'

if you have DAO installed and Path points to the correct folder, Toolset will install.
If you use Origin Client and don't want it to update the game automatically, you need to rename the value back after installation.
If toolset cannot find the game after install, run toolset configuration and point it to the game folder. It will work afterwards.

* on 64bit OS
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acute71: ...
run the launcher / or config tool at least once - you will have the path entry.
Hotfix removes current key and modifies files to write a Path_ value instead of Path
iuliand: And Origin should have been contacted to fix their auto-updater. It is after all an Origin Client issue to be fixed by their support team.
For them it is a feature, most certainly not a bug. It works as intended from their side.
Kartaugh: I have no such key in my registry....what's going on here?

I also cannot install the toolset since it cannot find the game, but your fix is also not possible because I don't have that registry key. The only thing under Bioware there is NWN.

Any help would be appreciated.
Currently I suspect there are some problems with Galaxy Client and the newest Windows 10 update. Keys / shortcuts are not being created.

If you installed the game via Galaxy Client, try Verify / Repair option - this should recreate the keys.
If you used offline installers, you can create the key on your own
- right-click on BioWare key, choose New -> Key, name it Dragon Age
- click once to highlight the newly created key, right click again, New -> String Value
- name it Path, it should appear in the right panel
- double click the new value and a window will appear where you should put the whole path to your installation
Kartaugh: Thanks a bunch!

Your response caught me in the middle of reinstalling the game (and yes, I did install through Galaxy previously, doing the same right now), so I'll do as you instructed once the installation is complete.

Thanks for your help, and I'll report back with results.
Please do, although you might have to wait for a response till morning (it's around 1AM here now ;) )