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DrMcCoy: I for one would really love a GOG release of Dragon Age II, preferably also in some kind of Ultimate Editions including the DLCs.

I'm still a bit annoyed that EA pulled Dragon Age II from Steam. I refuse to install Origins (and I heard it runs a bit wonky in Wine on Linux too), and that you then need to buy BioWare points to buy the DLC... that just annoys me to no end. The packs of BioWare points don't even cleanly fit into what you need to pay for the combined DLCs (IIRC), so I'd basically have wasted left-over points, which is wasted money. That's F2P MMO tactics.
I hear you there, Bones (couldn't resist *grin*). I had a nightmare experience with the points. I figured out exactly how many points I needed to get the DA2 DLC, and was able to work out how to buy the exact number I needed. But there was a problem with my account and I could buy the points but couldn't spend them. Nor could I get either of the free DLCs. Spent a couple months (yes, months) going back and forth with EA trying to figure out what was happening. Tier 2 support couldn't figure it out after a two hour chat session one evening and offered me a free game as compensation for the time spent, so I ended up getting the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Okay, so still can't figure out why I can't spend my points and re-opened the ticket. Still no dice, so they finally just gave me the DLC. Great. So now I have 2100+ Bioware points I still can't use, but ended up with the DLC and the three Mass Effect games. I came out ahead a bit, heh.

Forgot about the issue for a while and tried it again after some time had passed by trying once again to get one of the free DA2 DLCs (the High Resolution Pack, now that I think of it). It worked! So, I could now spend the points I'd purchased around six months prior. So I ended up getting a number of the items left out of ME2 Trilogy Edition. Managed to spend all the points with no left overs, so that worked out pretty well.

Never did find out what the issue was preventing me from spending the points, but... *shrug*

And while it was a nightmare scenario, I do wan to say that in this and most other contacts I've had with EA customer support have been pretty positive overall. Even when they couldn't fix the problem, they were pretty decent people to deal with. In spite of their bad reputation, heh.

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My question is, if you're not concerned about the space, are the non-english voice overs worthwhile? As in, are they well acted? Because I am one of those people who enjoys playing story-heavy games in other languages, so long as I have my subtitles in english.
DarthDaedric: Does this game really take up 40 gigs now? On Steam and Origin it required something like....25GB. What exactly is almost doubling the size?
Or is this just how much space you need to install, and it'll shrink back to around 25 once it's done installing?

It really is 40 gigs. What the hell happened?
Yes, 40 gigs.

But your old installation can be so big as well.
My old installation of DAO + Awakening from DVD had 20 gigs in the installation folder.
But there were additionally some gigs of DLCs somewere in my Documents-Folder (userdocs\Bioware\ Dragon Age).
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