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Obviously possible spoilers if you're not past this section of the game.

So I got back to Carfax and noticed the sewer door was locked behind me. Closing off currently irrelevant areas is normal for this game so I continued.
I went upstairs, picked up a candle and lit it. Went back downstairs and found that the door to the sewer was now unlocked. "Aha, I guess I've done everything I need to do here then" I thought and went into the sewer. Sure enough, the door locked behind me, so I preceded on to Dr Seward's. When I got there I headed towards the store room and down into the cellar. In here I used the crank to rotate the bridge (away from the Styx and towards ???).

I'm unable to progress further and I think I've somehow managed to sequence break and thus dead end myself by missing something important out. Any advice?
Looks like I have this bug right now. Don't remember this in PS1 version. I guess the only way to fix it by restarting the game (I saved after graveyard...).