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I finished playing Dracula Resurrection today, and I didn't like it.

I generally like point and click adventure games, but this one had a lot of things I didn't like. Quick list:

-The 'hit boxes' for objects are too small, and there is no real way to tell if you can interact with something other then when the cursor changes. This was a problem both interacting with objects (for example I though I couldn't use the chest in Dracula's bedroom, but I just missed the few pixels I needed to touch) and moving about (I would see a path but I had to shake the mouse all about to find the spot on the screen that would let me follow it)

-Objects were hard to find, not because of any clever puzzle, but because they just blended into the background and. I missed the sling, and I couldn't see the lever on the mine cart until I consulted a walkthrough. I had to use a walkthrough for so much of this game not because any of the puzzles were hard, but because I just couldn't find the puzzles to begin with.

-Moving about is disorienting. So you move ahead by clicking like in Myst, but unlike Myst the scene isn't static and you can look around in all directions. This sounds like it would be an improvement, but when moving you don't seem to always face the direction you think you would and it's just like a bunch of little jump cuts.

-Puzzles mostly too easy. Once you find the things, it was mostly just figuring out which item to put in the thing to get the thing to do the thing. Didn't feel challenging.

All that said, it was ok story wise, and it was relatively short. I wouldn't mind playing through the other games in the series if they fixed the above problems, but if they're using the same engine and have the same problems I think I'd rather pass.
I can't say anything about the third game, but I played the first game and am now halfway through part two. The second part has more or less the same gameplay as the first one. They added some new mechanics, like combinable inventory items, but it's the same engine and has the same problems as the first part.
Again you need a lot of pixel hunting to find the right hidden hot spots and sometimes moving is as disorienting as in the first game.
The puzzles are mixed. Some I found quite logical and enjoyable to solve, while others were just random (combine some item with some contraption and something unpredictable happens).
Thanks, good to know.
DystopianDreamer: Thanks, good to know.
A bit late, but I've played all 3 now.

As milo75 says, part 2 is simply a continuation of part ine and isn't particularly good.

Part 3 is however quite a good game. It's by a completely different studio and isn't actually linked to the first two at all. I'm assuming you've skipped part 2, but don't make the mistake of skipping the third for the same reasons. Check it out at least, i was pleasantly surprised.