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So I spent the first night in the hotel, woke up to find Ivy gone, and went downstairs to talk to the hostess in the creepy kitchen with dead animals. She told me to go get the key to room 102, but the cat swallowed it and ran away. I chased the cat to the right across a few screens, which no longer match up with the hotel layout (I'm assuming this will be explained later).

This is where it goes off the rails for me. I end up in a hallway with like 5 doors. According to walkthroughs and YT videos I've watched, I'm supposed to enter the last door and find a TV. But when I try to enter that door, it won't open. All that happens is the lights switch off and I can no longer even attempt to enter a door.

Can someone please explain what I am missing. I have watched shot-for-shot video walkthroughs to try and solve this problem, but can't find anything I'm doing differently.

Really appreciate any help!
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There is a painting in the hallway that keeps changing (between the blocked stairway and the room with mirror). Look at it before you go into the hallway with doors, then pick the door that has the fragment of that painting above it.