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In the GOG-version is including the old Soundtrack, but the new Soundtrack (of the Redux-Version) is not include.
So, how can I get the new Soundtrack?
Because my favorite musician create some song's for Redux-Version.
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Sometimes devs and publishers can't include the OST as a goodie in their games because it has a lot of licensed songs by well-ish known artists. This seems to be the case with Downfall Redux. Most of the musicians in the Extras have a link to their bandcamp page, so I assume it was the intention of the dev not to include the OST to entice customers to buy albums or songs via the artists' own bandcamp pages.
Thanks for your interest!

What groze says is true. For now the OST comes as a separate product which you can buy from or via iTunes, Google play etc (or listen to it on Spotify).

The tracks that might make up an "album" (the vocal tracks) are available from the artists bandcamps/websites. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we decided not to make an album this time round, and instead, push people towards supporting the artists directly at their sites/bandcamp.