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I have some serious problems playing "Downfall". I use a notebook with to different graphic cards. One high end ATI and one low end, power saving, Intel.
Using the ATI I only get a black screen and the music. Using the Intel, I see the main menu, but the mouse cursor won't work.
I already tried all the tips from the other topic, like forcing the game to windowed mode, setting the graphics to 16bit, and so on. Unfortunately, nothing helped.

btw. I'm using a core i7 with Windos 7 64bits.
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This game is a bit old and somewhat buggy. I do not doubt that it can get confused with two graphic cards.

Sadly, the developers don't have access to the original files, but they're making a new version to be released in the future.
You can contact the publisher directly - maybe they know some tricks for this issue...
Try using support address here:
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I've had this exact problem. With many games, especially indie titles using AGS, the opening screen is frozen. The mouse is working and if I clock randomly enough I can hit the proper button andhear the music change. But the screen remains the same. Games using SCUMMvm or their own patch usually work fine. DOSbox seems to be about 50/50.

I have all the same stats as the above poster. Two graphic cards. Unfortunately, I'm rather computer illiterate. Perhaps the solution is to update the graphics cards or some drivers, or perhaps to assign only one card to be used... but I've no idea how to do any of that. Anyone have some simple suggestions we could try? It'd probably only take a couple of minutes to fix if I knew what I was doing. Any help appreciated.